Tom Fenig: Helping Elevate Outdoor Lighting Professionals


We are thrilled to announce that Tom Fenig, the quintessence of American entrepreneurial spirit, a luminary in the outdoor lighting industry, has joined Sterling Lighting. With a career marked by innovation and success, Tom brings his extensive experience and vibrant energy to our team, where he will focus on developing our sales processes and expanding our sales channels.



Tom Fenig is no stranger to the spotlight of success, having founded and grown the first and largest outdoor lighting franchise system in the USA. His leadership propelled the network to 79 locations before he transitioned to his next venture, Imagine Outdoor Lighting. Under his guidance, alongside his wife Cheryl-Anne and daughter Claire, Imagine became a hallmark of excellence within the regional outdoor lighting landscape.

Sterling Lighting stands to benefit immensely from Tom’s robust background in sales and marketing, honed over years of creating and nurturing high-caliber teams and processes. His approach to business is characterized by a compelling blend of strategic thinking and a hands-on, engaging style, ensuring that partnerships and customer

Tom's philosophy is simple: "The one thing I can promise is when I work with people: no one ever falls asleep!" This statement not only highlights his dynamic approach to business but also underlines his commitment to keeping engagement high and ideas fresh—a critical asset in the ever-evolving world of outdoor lighting.

Join us in welcoming Tom Fenig to the Sterling Lighting family. We look forward to a bright future together, illuminating paths not only with our products but through innovative sales strategies and expansive growth. Stay tuned for exciting developments as we harness Tom’s expertise to enhance our reach and impact in the outdoor lighting industry.