SL16 Well Light: A Revolution in In-Ground Well Lighting

Did you know our product line of landscape lighting luminaires created for designers by designers now includes three well lights?

Meet our newest product: The SL16 Well Light

Just released this fall, the SL16 Well Light is our newest luminaire was designed to complete our great line of well lights. 

We realize for some applications our hefty SL06 Well Light may be too large, and for other applications our SL36 Mini Well Light may be too small. The SL16 Well Light is just right for projects requiring a medium-sized well light in between our SL06 and SL36 sizes.

A New Era of Elegance and Efficiency

We recently unveiled our latest innovation in outdoor lighting - the SL16. This medium-sized, 2-inch in-ground well light is not just a lighting solution, it’s a blend of elegance and efficiency, designed to elevate the aesthetics of any outdoor space.

Adjustable Luminosity for Customized Lighting

The SL16 stands out with its unique adjustable lumen feature. Starting at a soft and elegant 50 lumens, it offers the flexibility to increase the brightness in increments, up to a maximum of 400 lumens. This capability ensures that whether you're seeking a subtle glow or a more pronounced illumination, the SL16 can adapt to your specific needs.

Engineered to Eliminate Glare

Understanding the importance of vision impact and negating glare, Sterling Lighting has incorporated a frosted lens in the SL16 to significantly reduce glare off the glass. This thoughtful design choice ensures that the light is soothing to the eyes and blends seamlessly into the environment. Additionally, the inclusion of an internal hex lens further minimizes glare, providing unobtrusive light output to the homeowner.

Designed for Professional Installation

The SL16 is specifically designed for installation by professional lighting designers, ensuring that it is perfectly integrated into your landscape. This professional touch guarantees that the lighting is not only efficient but also optimally positioned to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. 

This luminaire conveniently fits within a 2-inch PVC pipe. If you're doing a concrete pour or want to have a little bit more stability. The PVC pipe can act as an inexpensive casing for your well light in the ground. This fixture is excellent for core drilling.

Inspired by Customer Feedback

The evolution of the SL16 is a testament to Sterling Lighting's commitment to customer feedback. Following our Danville Summit, we listened to our customers and made a pivotal change by lowering the lowest lumen output to 50 lumens. This adjustment was made to provide a softer, more subtle setting, aligning with the preferences of our discerning clientele.

Designed for Durability and Aesthetics

The SL16 is a versatile and high-functioning light capable of enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. It comes with a range of different flanges, allowing for customization according to the aesthetics of your landscape. Accessories sold separately, such as the grass guard, are an excellent option for keeping grass and weeds from blocking the light source. This ensures that the SL16 not only delivers consistent lighting but also maintains its visual appeal over time.

Ready to include the SL16 Well Light in your next project?

The Sterling Lighting SL16 Well Light is more than just a well light; it's a statement of sophistication and technological advancement. Whether it's for a cozy backyard, a grand garden, or a commercial landscape, the SL16 is designed to meet a diverse range of lighting needs while maintaining a commitment to beauty and efficiency. Experience the difference with the SL16 – where lighting meets innovation.


  • Constructed with high quality CREE LED chips 
  • Light color temperature of 2700 or 3000 Kelvin    
  • Includes 15′ wire lead
  • Single LED chip for greater lux control
  • 9-15 AC voltage range
  • Durable, slightly-frosted glass lens
  • Comes standard with internal hex lens and standard flange. Threaded top options (Cup Top Flange and Grass Guard) sold separately.
  • CRI: 97+
  • Wattage: 0.7W (min) - 8W (max)

Adjustable Lumen Settings (Pins on Driver):

No Pins Up: 400 lm (max)
1 Pin Up: 300 lm
2 Pins Up: 150 lm
3 Pins Up: 50 lm (min)