Lutron Products Now Available!

Sterling Lighting is excited to announce that it has become an official distributor for Lutron products. Landscape lighting professionals can now find Lutron products available for purchase on the Sterling Lighting website. 

During the Sterling Lighting Danville Summit held in July 2022, Lutron trainers presented on RadioRA 3 from the main stage and later hosted a roundtable discussion with attendees to dive deeper into lighting automation. 

Noting a rise in interest among landscape lighting professionals for control and automation solutions, Sterling Lighting decided to partner with lighting control industry leader, Lutron. Their robust products, which control both landscape lighting and interior lighting, are now available to purchase through Sterling Lighting.

The current Lutron collection can be found at

New Lutron products will continue to be added by the Sterling Lighting procurement team and per customer request. Popular products among landscape lighting professionals include outdoor smart plugs, pico wireless controls, bridges, and switches.

In an effort to provide ongoing education and training for their customers, Sterling Lighting will partner with Lutron to offer programming and installation opportunities. The first hands on lighting automation course tailored to landscape lighting professionals will take place this fall in Sterling, VA.

To find out more about this exciting new partnership and upcoming events, please visit the Sterling Lighting website.