Landscape Lighting Design: Keeping It Simple

Of all the lessons I’ve learned from running a lighting installation company, one of the most useful has been to keep things simple. From selection to landscape lighting design, I’ve found that the more choices you offer, the more complicated a project can get. By simplifying what my company offers, I’ve made things exponentially easier for myself—and for my customers.

Keep Your Selections Simple

Everyone loves having choices. Walk into any department store and you’ll be met with a couple dozen different options for anything from toothpaste to pillowcases. And with the internet, your options are almost limitless. However, sometimes there’s a drawback to having so many different options to choose from. While it may be impressive to tell your clients they can have their pick of a hundred different path lights, it often draws out the process and makes your customers focus on the wrong thing. Ultimately, you want your customers to be focused on the effect, not the fixture. A landscape lighting design fixture: SL04 Mini Flood Light

Keep Your Fixtures Simple

Before I designed my own line of landscape lighting fixtures, I offered my customers good/better/best options. However, it muddled the water and, again, took my customers’ focus off the effect of lighting on their landscape and home. Instead, they become focused on weighing the pros and cons of more/ less expensive products. As a lighting designer, I want my customers to be confident that I’m offering them the best of everything. The best service. The best product. The best value. That allows them to keep their focus on what’s important: beautiful lighting for their home.

Keep Your Landscape Lighting Designs Simple

Similar to offering a good/better/best option is offering your customers lighting “packages.” While it may seem like a simple solution for your customers and yourself, it really just gives your customers another unnecessary choice to make. Ditch the A, B, and C options. Keep your landscape lighting design simple by listening to what your customers want and working with them to achieve it. Every home and every customer is unique, and by taking the time to understand your customers, you can give them exactly what they’re looking for without complicating the process.

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