Introducing Our New SL07 Bollard Light!

Sterling Lighting is excited to announce our latest fixture design, the SL07 Bollard Light! This low voltage, fully dedicated LED fixture has all the power of the SL07 Path Light in the simple, elegant style of a bollard light. Illuminate paths, driveways, garden beds, and more!

SL07 Bollard in the daytime.

SL07 Bollard illuminating greenery.

SL07 Bollard illuminating a garden bed.


  • Watt: 4W
  • Wire Lead: 10’-0” 18AWG
  • Color Temperature: 3000K
  • Operating Voltage: 9-15 volt range

For more information about our Bollard, call us today at 1-703-454-8273. And be sure to visit our blog again soon, because we have a video in the works for the SL07 Bollard!