What Type of Lutron Controls Can You Use With Outdoor Lighting?

Illuminating the Differences: Comparing Lutron's RadioRA 3, RadioRA 2, Caséta, and HomeWorks Systems for Outdoor Lighting Control

One question we have been getting quite frequently is what type of Lutron controls you can use with outdoor lighting. First, let me share a little bit about our background with landscape lighting controls. At Sterling Lighting we have researched and tested our in-house designed lighting controls for many years. Additionally, we have used photocells, timers, bluetooth controls, and systems from other companies. We have tested wifi, RFID, and line controls, and realized that although we're great at lighting fixture design, integrated lighting control requires app architecture, database expertise, engineering experience, and API integrations. When it comes to outdoor lighting, we realized that the needs and integrations required to be the best in the industry demanded expertise and a depth of support. We searched for the best partner in controls, system integration, and professional grade products.

We will never be gimmicky. You have likely seen others come out with systems that fall flat, don't work well, lack integrations, and create more service calls for your company. We approached Lutron because they have sixty years in the lighting control business, they invented the potentiometer dimmer, and they not only control outdoor lighting, but shades, switches, outlets, and interior lights. They offer Caséta, RadioRA 2, RadioRA 3, and HomeWorks. All are professional grade, and they stand behind their solutions with training and support. We are proud to share that we are currently the only outdoor lighting distributor that carries RadioRA 3.

When it comes to lighting control systems, Lutron is an innovator and leader in the industry. Sterling Lighting partnered with Lutron as a distributor in order to offer our customers the best in outdoor lighting control technology. Many landscape lighting professionals are just learning about all the different control systems offered by Lutron. In this article we will share the differences between RadioRA 3, RadioRA 2, Caséta and HomeWorks systems, and the advantages of using each one.

Lutron RadioRA 3

First, we'll look at the RadioRA 3 system, to learn more visit here. This system offers excellent controls that are interoperable with other control systems such as Ring, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Control4, Savant, and Sonos, and many more. This makes for easy integration with your customer's preferred system. This also provides you, the business owner, to increase average ticket sales by offering this as an add-on product. Additionally, the RadioRA 3 system is simpler to install and program than RadioRA 2, has increased range, can control more devices, and even has a new outdoor plug option for outdoor lighting control. Lutron makes it easy for professionals to become certified in RadioRA 3. With their online training platform, you can bring your team up to speed designing and utilizing this system in your outdoor lighting projects. Sterling Lighting believes this system is the best option for your landscape lighting business. It is robust in what it controls, covers great distances, has repeaters, and most importantly, it has an outdoor plug to use with transformers.

Lutron RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2 system components will work within a RadioRA 3 system, but it is the older technology for lighting control. For more info visit this link. RadioRA 2 is still a great option for outdoor lighting control, but the only reason an outdoor lighting design or install company would use it is if a customer has an existing system you are looking to add on to. RadioRA 2 is backward compatible with RadioRA 3, but has less range and can control fewer devices.

Lutron Caséta

Most professionals are probably familiar with the Caséta system, for more info visit the Caséta learning portal, this control system is widely distributed and can be found at Home Depot or other large retailers as well as from Sterling-Lighting.com. This system is geared towards the DIY market, but is also easy for professional installation. However, it is more limited in its programmability, distance, and can only control seventy-five or fewer devices. It is best for smaller homes with shorter distances between devices.

Lutron HomeWorks 

Finally, we will look at HomeWorks which is for extremely large properties. This control system is extremely robust and primarily used in very large and complex projects. RF coverage for HomeWorks is up to 50,000 sq. ft. of space and can control up to 10,000 zones. Read more about HomeWorks here. For most landscape lighting designers and outdoor lighting contractors, this system is beyond what is needed. Be aware that it exists and that it is used in the audio visual installation world.  

What is the best Lutron system for Outdoor Lighting Control?

When it comes to outdoor lighting control systems, Lutron's RadioRA 3 offers the most advanced technology, and the most benefits for your outdoor lighting business in terms of control. However, Caséta systems are still an excellent option and may be more suitable for certain types of projects and customers. Ultimately, the choice will depend on the specific needs and preferences of the customer. At Sterling Lighting, we stock the three most popular options (RadioRA 3, Caséta, and RadioRA 2) to make adding Lutron's lighting controls easy and convenient for landscape lighting professionals. To expand your knowledge, be sure to enroll in Lutron's free RadioRA 3 certified training course.