Designing The Perfect Path Light

If you haven’t already noticed, we are obsessed with quality path lights. Not only are path lights required for safety purposes, they also play a large role in the appearance of your garden in the evening light. From the installation side of things, we have installed thousands of path lights in the gardens residential properties. Our experience tells us that the most problematic fixture has been the path light. If you have also had experience installing path lights for a period of time, you probably have a list of issues with the fixtures you have used. path-light Common problems with path lights Some of these problems include, but are not limited to, aluminium path lights with a 1/4" stem that seem to always break at the stake, premium sand cast path lights that are so top heavy that they need to be cemented in to keep from leaning and finally companies using copper plumbing parts and simply gluing them together. Another common issue we have incurred is the lack of light output. Many companies restrict the light output by constructing metal bars in the front connecting the stem to the hat of the path light. This creates odd shadows and doesn’t help disperse the light evenly across the surface. Finding the solution path-light2We decided in order to find the perfect path light, we would have to design it ourselves! The first thing we decided the path light fixture need be was an integrated led fixture. We developed a path light using a Cree CXA chip, 4 watt, 400 lumen light source. We decided on using a heavy duty 1.25" solid virgin cast brass stake. We gave the fixture a 9" abs ground stake and a 20" cast brass stem. We recommend burying 6" of the stem in the ground along with the 9" stake. That is a total of 15" of the fixture in the ground which allowed us to have a solid base to ensure the path lights will always be perfectly straight and not keel over. path-light3Every component of the fixture is threaded together with no glue in sight. This give the fixture tremendous strength. We even threaded our lens into the fixture itself. The lens is twice as thick as any lens on the market. If it were ever broken, it is designed to simply be replaced. Besides the path light being able to withstand just about anything one could throw at it, it also gives an amazing light output which is so important to us. This fixture will create a 14" circle of light. The light source is completely hidden from within the fixture to enhance its visual appearance. We even designed an 18" extension stake if someone would like a taller path light within their garden. In our opinion, this is the most durable, beautiful, path light ever made that will tick all the boxes for those who are installing the fixture and we are sure will meet the expectations of the end user. path light